AltaStreet Hosting Prices Explained

One of the most common questions we get asked by prospective clients is regarding our monthly hosting fees.  The question often goes something like,

“My domain registrar (Godaddy, Network Solutions, etc…) offers website hosting for $10/month, why is your hosting so much more expensive?” 

It’s a valid question, and deserves an in-depth answer, which I will do my best to give here.  But to summarize in one word, it all comes down to service. While other companies offer a discounted rate for web hosting, AltaStreet offers comprehensive support for the hosting AND maintenance of your website.

To illustrate the difference in services offered, here is a comparison of services between a standard hosting company and AltaStreet.

AltaStreet Hosting Comparison
  Godaddy Network Solutions AltaStreet
  $4.99/mo $11.95/mo $49/mo +


Sufficient file storage (100MB or more) x x x
Sufficient transfer bandwidth (100GB or more) x x x
Database support x x x
Email and phone support for server issues x x x


Web-based content management system (CMS)     x
CMS security and feature updates     x
Website traffic statistics     x
AltaStreet Compliance Manager     x
Email and phone support for content updates     x


Financial calculator updates     x
AltaStreet ClientVAULT     x
Dynamic news feeds     x
No long-term contracts     x

So, to circle back, why is our monthly web hosting more expensive? That's because AltaStreet doesn't just offer you a space on our servers, we provide first-class website hosting, support, and maintenance. We offer a peace of mind. Consider us your in-house website staff, here to help any way we can.



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