Creating a Corporate Brand Identity

Good graphic / logo design does not create itself. It takes research, time, talent, and a lot of work. The web is cluttered with thousands of designers that flaunt quick turnaround and cheap prices - and quick and cheap is exactly what they provide. Here at AltaStreet, we take pride in every graphic / logo design job that comes to our table, giving it the time and attention it deserves.

So what is the AltaStreet design process?  Each graphic / logo project goes through the following design process:

  1. Research

    In order to design for an organization in the financial industry, it is vital that we know who we are representing. Time spent researching before we design does three things:

    • Ensures that our designs will accurately represent our clients
    • Produces designs that are relevant to a target audience
    • Saves time and energy by avoiding unnecessary redesign
  2. Brainstorm

    Each design project goes through a process of sketching, brainstorming, and evaluation before completion.  Good design rarely comes quickly and easily.  Our designers approach every project from multiple angles to ensure that the best results are achieved.

  3. Listen

    Client feedback is essential to a successful end product. Our designers discuss each design with the client, listen to the client's feedback, and offer their professional opinion on any decisions to be made.

  4. Finalize

    Each design is finalized and produced to the highest quality specifications possible. Final designs are presented in a variety of file formats and sizes to meet client needs.


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