Which hosting plan is right for me?

AltaStreet offers two hosting packages, a basic plan and premium plan.  This post will explain the differences between the two, and give some suggestions as to which might be right for you.

Hosting Plans

Basic Premium
Unlimited website support
Content updates - 6 hours (per year)
100MB disk space
10GB bandwidth
Unlimited website support
Content updates - 12 hours (per year)
1000MB disk space
100GB bandwidth
$49/mo $99/mo

What do these numbers mean?

Website support - AltaStreet offers unlimited website support to all hosted clients.  We understand that creating and maintaining a website is a new thing for most of our clients, with strange and confusing terminology.  And while we try our hardest to keep it as simple as possible, we know it’s not always easy to get things working the way you’d like.  So give us a call or send us an email, we’re here to help any way we can.

Content updates - Here’s where it can be confusing.  What’s the difference between website support and content updates?  This blog post tries to explain.  Simply put, a content update is where we make the website update for you, rather than helping you make the update.

The basic plan includes 30 minutes/month in content updates.  On average a content update takes 10-15 minutes, so that’s roughly 2-3 updates each month.  The premium plan includes one hour/month, which is roughly 4-6 updates each month.  

Disk space - Disk space is the hard drive space on our servers that are dedicated to your website files.  This does not include your theme or database, only files you’ve uploaded to your site.  100MB is more than enough for most of our clients (currently our clients average 10MB), but at times a client has certain requirements that exceed 100MB, which is why we offer the premium plan.  Image galleries, hosted videos, and large PDFs may require an upgrade to the premium hosting plan.

Bandwidth - AltaStreet offers 10GB of premium bandwidth with each website.  Unless you find yourself on the front page of CNN, this is more than enough bandwidth for a typical professional services website.


So which plan is right for me?

The basic hosting plan is sufficient for most AltaStreet clients.  But here are a few scenarios where premium hosting would make sense:

  • Small office - If you’re in a small office with limited support staff, it may be most efficient for us to post your weekly market summaries or industry articles for you.  
  • Large files - If you’re posting 50-page PDF articles with market data for each quarter, these can add up quickly.
  • Videos - It only takes 2-3 videos hosted on your website to reach 100MB.  If possible, host your videos with 3rd party video hosting companies, like YouTube or Vimeo.

Our recommendation is to start small, unless you know from the start that you’ll exceed one of the plan’s limits.  We’ll let you know when it’s time to move up, and you can upgrade then.



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