April 13, 2010
One of the most common questions we get asked by prospective clients is regarding our monthly hosting fees.  The question often goes something like, “My domain registrar (Godaddy, Network Solutions, etc…) offers website hosting for $10/month, why is your hosting so much more expensive?”  It’s a valid question, and deserves an in-depth answer, which I will do my best to give here.  But to summarize in one word, it all comes down to service. While other companies offer a discounted rate for...
April 07, 2010
From the blog of Seth Godin I got an email from someone who had hired a consulting firm to help his company find their true brand selves. They failed. He failed. He asked me if I could recommend a better [consulting firm]. My answer: The problem isn't the consultant, it's the fact that if you have to search for a brand essence, you're unlikely to find one.   Standing for something means giving up a lot of other things, and opening yourself to criticism. Most people in the financial...
March 22, 2010
Business owner, you might want to friend Facebook. A growing number of businesses are making Facebook an indispensible part of hanging out their shingles. Small businesses are using it to find new customers, build online communities of fans and dig into gold mines of demographic information. “You need to be where your customers are and your prospective customers are,” said Clara Shih, author of “The Facebook Era” (Pearson Education, 2009). “And with 300 million people on Facebook, and still...



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